Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biggest take away from T21C so far.

So far the biggest take from the conference so far is just the exposure to the many tools that I find to be interesting. The most interesting to me so far are:
  • dropittome
  • canvas
  • explaineverything
  • google
I know that google is a big monster, but I had never had a way to explore with others google+, and it is pretty cool. I look forward to using explaineverything to make my students create screencasts for their homework.

TLI 2012 Teaching in the 21st Century

I am spending the week with a great group of teachers from my school and its peer schools. The title of the session is Teaching in the 21st century. I have been asked to blog about what I hope to get out of this week. It is interesting because my main concerns for teaching next year are to create course materials for an AP statistics course and to prepare to teach AP Computer Science for the first time. This week may not be the most efficient use of my time, but I am having a lot of fun exploring lots of new tools that are interesting to explore and play with. What I would like to get out the week are the primarily the personal connections with a group of educators that are looking to learn more about tools for todays learners. I am hoping to get some collaborators that critically analyze the way they teach, and are willing to comment and give feedback to me about my own teaching.